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What's the reward?

There are three major reward systems for Timestope!

1. Attendance compensation (24 hours)

2. Rewards based on keyword search (Time)

3. Exposed Advertising View Rewards

Recommended Person's Compensation

(40% of Recommender's Compensation 9.6T)

1Time = 1.3Sent fixed (about KRW 15 Korean won)

Introducing 250 people, $11,000 a year later!

Oh my God!

What kind of resources will this be possible?

1. Good search engine on timestope!
This search engine is a Google-based search engine.
World PortalSite All Keyword Search Values
Compare them together and give the best answer!
Ads that accompany this are the key revenue sources!


2. Timestuff is based on Google's open source
We're going to distribute the advertising revenue to Google,

and then we're going to Maintain fixed value!

(Related systems are patent applications)


1. All members have 100 points for attendance.
2 points per day!
subtract three points from absenteeism
Attendance point 300 points ==> No further subtraction
34 days of continuous absenteeism ==> Deletion of account!
2. KYC is going to be on, so the exact real name! Write your English name! (Caution! )





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